Marty Mush Friday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now is 90-90-4 and we just keep grinding. Duke had an amazing cover so only bad things are coming my way but hopefully not for awhile. I’ve been dabbling with day games all day so it this will be light.


Pacers -2.5 @ Nets

This is an easyyyy bet. I do not have a doubt in my mind that the Pacers cover this game. The Nets are hot obviously and over valued. The Pacers had one of their worst losses to the Cavs and a heartbreaker to the Raptors. Victor Oladipo needs to stop choking at the end of games and come out on top tonight.

Pick Pacers -2.5 

Bucks @ Celtics

This will be the game of the night and I am going to be only betting these two. The Celtics need to show up after their embarrassing loss at home against the Suns. That was a look ahead game and this team has to have some integrity. I hate that I am betting against the Bucks because they are my favorite team to put money on this year. The greek freak is tough to root against and they are just scrappy bastards.

Pick Celtics 

These games I love so much and already put too much money on them. It is the holidays so I feel like luck will be on my side. Mush to the Moon.