Memphis Just Proved Why Gambling Can Cause a Heart Attack

The early game is not supposed to give you anxiety and make you want to cancel Christmas. They started the game off hot and you thought you would be able to cruise your way to a victory. It just can never be that easy.

Memphis was down late in the game by three points and had a very impressive drive to score a touchdown with a minute and thirty seconds left. You start licking your chops and will have extra money for some xmas gifts. Hold the phone Wake Forest decided to fucking kill everyone with Memphis but also giving others hope for the Over.

This is why betting on the Over/Under is tough because you have to do math all game. Obviously this is not my strong suit and need to turn to others for help. This shit isn’t funny though, it was amazing how fast everything took a turn. The worst part of all of this is this wasn’t the last of it. Memphis brought you back in like a bitch and started driving down the field. They had two time outs on the Wake Forest 25 and decided to run the ball instead of go for the win. Which mind you would cover the spread and hit the over.

Welp, they settle for field goal range and rope us into thinking ” Hey at lest we will hit the over and still have a chance to hit the spread.” They snap the ball, hits a perfect field goal but a time out was called. Fine, love a nice ice of the kicker. Try two, Right down the middle but of course there was a false start. You would have to be a god damn idiot to think that this kicker had stones and was going to bang this 40 yard field goal. WIDE RIGHT and I have to go return my apple watch charger for my mom because I am down a shit load. The bad luck just continues and it is the most frustrating thing in the world. I know my name is Mush but I want to fucking win. Just cant catch a break.