Marty Mush Christmas Gambling Slate

Today you do not have to worry about talking to family because we have basketball on all day to throw some money on. Yesterday you had no outlet to distract you from family unless you were betting on Russian 17u hockey. The NBA hasn’t been friendly but it is the holidays so hopefully it is a nice day. The NBA is also very nice for setting the games up perfect and we can gamble all the way till 10:30 tonight. The only scary Stat is that the Unders on Christmas are outrageous.

I really, really don’t like taking unders but these numbers don’t lie.

NBA – 

12:00 PM (Bucks -10 @ Knicks )

The Knicks are a joke and the Greek freak absolutely ruins them at the garden every time he shows up. The only thing keeping me from taking the Bucks so easily is that the Knicks are a Christmas team but man are they dog shit. The loss to the Hawks really showed how bad of a team they can be. This is a perfect game to take the Bucks as well because they came off loss to the Heat and they are well rested. They were a very impressive team against the Celtics is Boston and they will blow the doors of the Knicks today.

Pick Bucks -10 

3:00 PM (Thunder -1.5 @ Rockets)

This is an interesting game because they were both victims of the Carmelo Anthony cancer and both have been on a surge after releasing him. Obviously the Rockets are without Chris Paul but Austin Rivers will be playing today. (I know that isn’t saying much) The Thunder have surprised me all year that they finally figured out how to play with two superstars and Paul George isn’t shying away from the spotlight this year. Averaging 26 points a game is scary when you have Westbrook coming at you as well. With saying that, I think the Rockets come out firing and Harden drops a 40 spot. He has been hot as of late and especially at home the Rockets win this game.

Pick Rockets ML 

5:30 PM (76ers @ Celtics -4.5)

I have been on the wrong side of the Celtics as of late but I am seeing this clear as day. The 76ers are still coming off a high of beating the Raptors by 27 points and the Celtics are still salty about getting blown  out at home by the Bucks. Gordan Hayward needs to show up and ball out. He doesn’t look himself but it’s all Kyrie this game. The 76ers don’t have a true point guard playing him which will be a tough matchup but I am worried about Simmons. He may be able to score at will but I can’t see the Celtics losing this at home. The Celtics manhandled them in the Playoffs last year and that stays with you. Look for them to keep that going.

Pick Celtics -4.5

8:00PM (Lakers @ Warriors -9)

The Warriors are obviously a power house especially at home. They haven’t ben the Warriors though as of lat, you usually see the them blowing the doors off teams but that’s not the case. This seems easy as well because Lebron will be making this about himself. Some how some way he will make this about being away from his family on Christmas as drop 50. I don’t see Lebron going down easy tonight and that’s my only reasoning for this pick.

Pick Lakers +9 

10:30 PM (Trail Blazers @ Jazz -6.5)

Honestly I feel like we could have done without this game. After Lebron vs Curry/Durant it will be tough to watch a Utah game even though Mitchell is electric. I do know I will be watching/betting on it so whatever. I think these teams matchup so evenly but the Jazz beat the living shit out of the Blazers in Portland. That has to sting and stick with them so I think 6.5 is way too many points to be giving.  The Jazz have been sub par this year as well so the line doesn’t make sense to me. Damian Lillard won’t let it happen twice especially since it was so recent.

Pick Blazers +6.5 

Merry Christmas everyone and make sure to stay positive throughout the day. Talking to family for this long can stress you out and gambling on top can be a scary sight but were in this together. These feel like winners and always remember…Mush To The Moon.