Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate (4-1 Yesterday I Am A New Man)

My YTD is now 97-93-1 with a huge day yesterday as I went 4-1. I am a changed man and I am seeing the board clear as day. Follow these picks to the moon and get on the train while I am hot.


Boston College vs Boise State

I hate this game so much because I don’t think both teams are very good. I’ll be honest with you as well, Boise State really fucked me when they played Fresno State this year and they looked electric. Boston College has been a very streaky team and I don’t think they put away Boise. I have a simple mind as everyone knows so when I was a kid Boise was my favorite team because of the Blue turf and the trick plays. I have to go with the Broncos here because I wouldn’t have any integrity if I didn’t. Only reason I am betting this game because it is the only thing to do at 1:30.

Pick Boise State -2 


Timberwolves -4.5 @ Bulls

The Wolves have been atrocious on the road this year but the Bulls maybe one of the worst teams. I think it is time for the Wolves to go on a run here after a great road win against the Thunder. They have a easy schedule upcoming so this team will be locked in to make a small run. The Bulls are dead, they don’t give a shit  and they are coming off two easy wins against other shitty teams. Minnesota won’t take them lightly so look for a 10 point win.

Pick Timberwolves -4.5 

Nuggets @ Spurs -4

My jaw dropped when I saw ther Nuggets are pretty much the best team in the NAB and Jokic is a terror. He is a matchup nightmare but people are also forgetting about DeMar DeRozan. This guy is a star and he is showing that on the Spurs. Averaging 23 a game and to be honest I think people will figure out the Nuggets these next couple of games. Them getting four points seems like a trap to me and I won’t fall for it. As I was writing this I was thinking Nuggets +4 was such a lock but Pop will have his defense ready and the Spurs cover this. Like I said I am seeing this clear so jum on board.

Spurs -4


Kings +5.5 

Georgia Tech -6 

Over 38 Cal/TCU 

Yesterday was electric as I went 4-1 and boy does it feel good being on the right side of things. We are going to keep that going as I am a new man and as always, Mush to the Moon.