Miami Center Does Unthinkable: Suspended For Academic Reasons Two Weeks After He Graduated


Before Miami was taken down 35-3 by Wisconsin, they announced that Tyler Gauthier was suspended:

Tyler would have to sit out his final game as a Miami Hurricane for academic reasons. Players get suspended all the time for academic reasons, which makes this one special? Well, Tyler did the unthinkable. Between Miami’s last game of the season and the Pinstripe Bowl, Gauthier graduated AND got suspended for academic reasons:

Last week we discussed the U being back thanks to N’Kosi Perry posting two people having sex on his snapchat. Yesterday, we further confirmed The U being back thanks to this academic suspension. Now all they have to do is figuring out the whole winning part. May take longer than expected.

P.s. You may remember Gauthier from earlier in the season when he went on this epic rant about his mullet and America: