Marty Mush Easiest College Playoff Bets Ever

My YTD is now 100-100-4 and thats a sad sight. This is a beautiful day as you can sit on your ass for 14 hours and just watch sports all day. Make sure you time your food delivery right when halftime starts so you can occupy yourself. This shit is a science, it is not a fun business.


Notre Dame vs Clemson -13

This is the too four teams in the country and where Clemson plays in the ACC where the competition is blah. Don’t get me wrong they are a very good team with a great defense. I have no doubt in my mind that Dabo Swinney will have this team ready but 13 points is outrageous. This Notre Dame team has looked impressive all year. I think their defense will be able to contain Lawrence and keep this game close. I am not saying they will win but they will cover easily. I also have a fellow bird friend on Notre Dame who is a stud walk on wide receiver who will have an impact on this game. Bird guys always cover and I feel real good about this one.

Pick Notre Dame +13

Oklahoma vs Alabama -14

This is all you need to know, you do not get rich betting against Alabama. Besides that Kyler Murray yes he is a hell of a quarterback who doesn’t give a shit about football because he already won it’s highest honor and is going to make millions is baseball. This OU team hasn’t had the easiest year as they barely beat Army, lost to Texas and struggled in other games as well. Alabama is a power house and Kyler is going to struggle hard with Bamas defense. This isn’t like every other Alabama team as they have one of the best quarterbacks in the country They usually have a serviceable QB and rely on their defense. They have the full package and will roll over this OU team.

Pick Alabama -14


Nevada -1.5 

Kentucky -3 (CBB) 

Nevada -7 (CBB) 

These games seem to easy to me but I have watched enough games with these teams playing and i feel confident. I will be putting the most units on these game but these ectra games will be key. Mush to the Moon.