Mark Richt Shockingly Announces Retirement

Well, this is shocking. Richt is only 58 years old, which is young in coaching years. Richt went from 9-4 to 10-3 in 2017, but 2018 was a shockingly bad year, finishing 7-6 with a 35-3 loss in the Pinstripe Bowl to Wisconsin.

Two things popped into my mind. First, I hope he’s okay health wise. Second, this may have been a “you’re going to retire or we are firing you” situation. Richt had a great year in 2017 and is a Miami alum, so they wanted to let him go out in a respectable way.

What’s next for Miami? DC Manny Diaz just left for Temple. WIll they be able to bring him back? Probably not. Entering the coaching carousel this late isn’t great. Miami has had a brutal year, losing Manny Diaz, having only the 33rd ranked recruiting class for 2019, and all the “The U Is Back” momentum is gone from just a year ago. There’s one guy just an hour away in Boca….