Manny Diaz Leaves Temple Undefeated (2 Week Long Tenure) To Become Head Coach At Miami

Well, that’s one way to solve your problems, Miami.

Early Sunday, Mark Richt announced his retirement. This left Miami without a head coach on December 30th, an issue no college program wants to have. The perfect replacement for Richt had left just 2 weeks earlier to become the head coach at Temple. Now, you are probably feeling bad for Temple. They’ve lost 2 head coaches within weeks of each other. My suggestion for Temple: dry your tears with dollar bills:

This is a good hire by Miami. Manny Diaz has been a great DC for Miami and famously introduced the turnover chain to the college football world. He’s a young, electric coach that has a phenomenal defensive mind. All that he needs now is a good OC. He’ll be a great recruiter and will continue to give The U swagger. In what looked like a bleak situation for Miami just 12 hours ago has turned out not that bad.