Super Bowl Odds Are Out And There Are Some Surprising Numbers

I had to do a double take on some of the Odds that came out for teams to win the Super Bowl but you can get some great value from some of these teams as well.

Yes, I know all the teams are not on here and I think rightfully so. Actually except for the Eagles because big dick Nick is capable of anything. There are a few high numbers here and I agree with some and others are a bit shady.

The ones that is a wild number is the Chargers. They are coming off of one of their best seasons but i agree with this number. Phillip Rivers needs to prove himself during the playoffs and the Ravens are not a wild card team you want to see. The Ravens have been on a tear with Lamar Jackson at quarterback and teams can’t seem to figure them out. The defense has always been good but there just that team this year that you don’t want to run into.

The best odds you can get here is the Patriots at +600. Every year I try and convince myself that they will not make the Super Bowl but year after year they run the table. They are just made for the Playoffs especially always having a bye. Them at +600 is the smartest bet possible. I hate to say it but 2019 is about being smart.

The only one I think could have been lower is the Bears because they have the defense that nobody wants to face. Everyone says defense wins championships but its fucking really true. as long as Mitch can just not turn over the ball, he doesn’t have to do much else. Think about the Broncos when Peyton Manning won when he was 63 years old and can barely throw. +1000 looks juicy.

This is getting me excited for the single best game to bet on which is the Super Bowl. There are endless fun bets like the O/U of the National Anthem. I can’t wait to find out who is singing it because I remember when Lady Gaga was announce two years ago, I studied her singing the anthem for two weeks straight. She only has ever done it once so hitting that bet after all the research was the best feeling in the world. Then you can start betting on the color of the gatorade dumped on the winning coach etc. Best event to bet but it is sad seeing football come to an end.