Marty Mush Monday Slate Starting Over For The New Years

My YTD is now 0-0 because it is a new year and I all weekend to think about myself and gambling. I have decided that there is no possible way that I can continue this terrible streak. I will vow to bring winners and winners only. I need to win and speak it into existence and I mean what can possibly go wrong? No football just feels wrong and the only thing  am a little scared of is that NBA and NCAAB get hairy. I need to get back into NHL real soon.


76ers -4.5 @ Suns

I think this spread is a little low because of playing back to back. That doesn’t matter because they don’t have a game until Saturday and they are going to go into their homestretch with a win. The Suns are coming off a tough three game stretch and they are down. You can’t be confident putting money on the Suns.

Pick 76ers -4.5 

Pelicans @ Nets

The Pelicans played their last game without Anthony Davis against a pretty good Minnesota team. They still have hope for him to play tonight and get this line at it now while they don’t know if he will play. The Nets are the most frisky team in the NBA and have been my go to team when they are a big underdog. The Pelican will tae this one though and obviously with Davis it will be a easy win.

Pick Pelicans ML 


Hornets -1.5 


Nebraska @ Maryland -2

I have been doing this lately and its working, so I will continue to keep doing it. Maryland has been good this year and Nebraska just broke the top 25. They are feeling themselves and that place will be loud tonight. I have been watching a good amount of Maryland this year for some odd reason and I like their guy Bruno Fernando. First off that is an electric name and it turns out he is good. Nebraska hasn’t really beat anyone great and they won’t beat MD.

Pick Maryland -2 

Seton Hall @ Xavier -3.5

Seton Hall is on a tear lately and they look to keep it going in their first conference game against Xavier. Seton Hall has beat Kentucky and just beat St Johns who a lot of people have been buzzing about. Myles Powell has been heating up and he is becoming a problem. They are a fun team to watch and they always give Xavier a run for their money. They have also been struggling this year while getting the shit kicked out of them by Missouri. Go with the pirates here.

Pick Seton Hall +3.5

It is a new year, new mush but always Mush to the Moon.