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Kliff Kingsbury May Leave USC After They Blocked Him From Interviewing With Jets


Earlier today, it was reported that Lynn Swann, the AD at USC, blocked the Jets interview request with Kliff Kingsbury:

This is a new rule in the NFL. They must ask the collegiate programs for rights to interview their coaches and those programs have the right to deny the request.

Kliff, reportedly, did not like this:

I side with Kliff here. Not allowing one of your employees to interview elsewhere is some communistic bullshit I do not agree with. Also, not a great job by Lynn Swann. Allowing Kliff to interview still allows you to keep him, if the NFL does not hire him. Now, you are in a situation that you’ll lose Britney Spears-ex, he won’t get hired by an NFL team, and he’ll go and coach another college team. This will also make its rounds in the coaching community and make it harder for Swann to hire other coaches.

The denial has more to do with Clay Helton than Kliff Kingsbury. Helton is on a very hot seat in LA and Kingsbury is the heir-apparent.