Dabo Swiney Was Incredibly Excited To Finally Meet His Hero, Joey Chestnut

Media days before the college football championship isn’t anything like the NFL’s Super Bowl media days, but they still produce some decent sound bites. Last year, we had the infamous “Ashley” incident:

That couldn’t be topped, but Dabo Swiney lighting up like a Christmas tree when he saw Joey Chestnut was phenomenal:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.48.35 AM

I would have no idea what this feels like, but my guess why Dabo was so happy to see Joey Chestnut is because Dabo is surrounded by famous people by the day. When we are growing up, seeing our heroes were our dreams. I still remember pissing next to former Jets DT Kris Jenkins in a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop like it was yesterday. But when you become somebody like Dabo Swiney, you get to meet everybody. I’m sure Dabo grew up idolizing famous football players and coaches and at this point, I bet he’s met them all, multiple times. Now, the only thing to get Dabo going is an exotic celebrity, like Joey Chestnut. It’s sort of like somebody with a severe porn addiction. You start with the original shit, but before you know it, you can’t get excited unless you are watching the most exotic porn on a website your friends have never heard of. I don’t know how I just made that comparison, but it makes sense to me.