All Time Bad Beats This Weekend

We started out slow, only degenerates who really need wins are betting on these types of games. The spread was -9.5 for SMU where they missed a free throw with 8 seconds left to go up 10. These college kids let me tell you, they can’t hit free throws for shit. These types of beats happen every day because they can’t hit them and don’t feel like playing defense after it as well.

After this video ends SMU ended up hitting two free throws just to make it worse and win by 9. I haven’t been on the right side of a bad beat in so long. The feeling when you are the right side of it feels like you are cheating but you are still satisfied.

Then we move onto the worst beat of the week. This was lined up for a disaster as soon as Sebass went down with his injury and going for two would be a problem. The worst part about it is that I still had the backdoor over in play with a minute left in the game. So I went from being really happy, to really sad in the matter of seconds.

I filmed this live as I was just hoping they would kick the extra point and can make a happy video, and then I see Russel Wilson running out there like an asshole. The fact that it was so easy makes it 10x worse. He went in there untouched and when you take a -2.5 spread you aren’t thinking about buying the hook because there is no reason too. Unless you are in this situation. It is amazing though how many times a week Vegas is spot on and it is always amazing how I am on these games as well.

People also love other peoples misery. I don’t blame them and for the people that say “Oh he must be so upset over a $10 bet”. Relax, as Dave had said multiple times “If you’re life isn’t affected by your bets, you aren’t gambling.” As I just had to pay my bookie a lot more money than I can afford and still have more to pay off. I guess my $10 bets are really adding up.

Also just check out Stu Feiner, this reaction is outrageous.

The greatest thing about gambling, it is a new week and you can convince yourslef that this will be a winning week. I am one of those people who are still a sucker that thinks this.