Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 8-10-1 and last night was a bloodbath as you all know. Tonight is a big night as Dave is giving me a do over with him putting up 1k of his own money that i can bet. I will only be locked in on this one game and I haven’t thought of anything since.


Duke -20 @ Wake Forest

I only know one team inside out. I have studied them and let me tell you this, I am dying with them. This isn’t my heart telling me to take Duke, it is the smart bet. Wake Forest is a shitty team who hasn’t beat anyone credible and also have a few really bad losses. Some including Houston Baptist, Saint Joseph’s at home and Richmond was a tough one as well. Their only good player is Brandon Childress and i couldn’t be worried less about him. They aren’t going to be able to compete with Duke and I am confident in this. I went back and forth on a couple of teams but this is the winner. I feel it in my plums and I really think Cam Reddish is going to break out of his slump and help this team win by 35-40 points. Thanks to dave I will hopefully be able to pay off my bookie and I owe him for this. (I also owe him for a lot of things) Degenerates everywhere, if you hate me or love me, lets come together and win this money. MUSH TO THE MOON