Having 1K On Duke Was A Wild Experience

The bet was Duke -20 as most of you know and Wake Forest came out hot and was even winning at a certain point. My train was delayed and everything that could have went wrong was going wrong. My phone was about to die and I kept watching the score be way too close.

Duke hit a big three to go up eight at half and they have been a second half team all year. As the game went on they started to go up 22 points with about nine minutes left. I knew what was happening and they were blowing them out with too much time left. I wish I could explain this rush but my god is it beautiful.

My nightmare has arrived and Zion, RJ Barret are on the bench and Dukes subs come in. Do not get me wrong they aren’t scrubs but Wake Forest was licking their chops as they didn’t have to deal with Zion anymore.

Here is my genuine reaction as I was scared the entire game. If I wasn’t a sharp tonight, this is usually how I lose as Wake Forest had a wide open three to cover the spread but the bastard missed. It was a rollercoaster of emotions today as I locked in a 1k bet and didn’t want Dave to waste his money on me. Thats why he the best in the business and made me apply myself to get this outcome. Thanks to the degenerates that followed along even though they didn’t have the bet. As always MUSH TO THE MOON.

(This is also late because I had to get my life together and just pay the bookie whatever I still owed)