Seton Hall Needs To Be Investigated For Shaving Points

This is not the 1st time Seton Hall has done this. Earlier this season they ripped my heart out and it left me in awe.

I tried to forget this as I was back on them tonight. Let me tell you this team was up nine points with 2 minutes left. As a gambler you don’t ever say it is over till it hits 0.0. Seton Hall was up 5 with 17 seconds left as Buter hit a 3. Seton Hall hits two free throws now up 5 and then just try and guess what happens next.

When i was watching this, I thought you know what let me video tape just in case but it cannot happen again. This team has more respect then to shave points. Boy was I wrong. I will be writing a letter to the NCAA do disqualify this team from the NCAA tournament and I demand an apology.  Gambling is such a rollercoaster of emotions but right now I really hate it. Fuck Seton Hall.