South Carolina Finally Admits That They Are UofSC, Not USC


For most people outside of the south, this debate is elementary. When you say USC, you are referring to University of Southern California. However, University of South Carolina has long angled to be known as the “real USC.” Some of the talking points for both schools:

-Southern Cal owns

-South Carolina was founded long before USC, in 1801 as ‘South Carolina College.’ It was changed to University of South Carolina in 1865 after the Civil War. Southern California was founded in 1880.

-HOWEVER, due to racism (most of the students at South Carolina in 1870s were black) and low enrollment, South Carolina closed in 1877.

-It reopened in 1880, the SAME year Southern California opened. From 1880 to 1891 it was known as the South Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. In 1891 they changed it to South Carolina College. It wasn’t until 1906 they went back to University of South Carolina.

-In 1983, South Carolina beat USC 38-14 in football and this is what the scoreboard looked like:


-In 2010, South Carolina lost a trademark battle to Southern California for the term “USC.”

-Darius Rucker is a big proponent of South Carolina being USC:


Yesterday, South Carolina rebranded:

A smart move:



Finally, we can put this to rest. Southern California is the real USC. South Carolina will now be known as UofSC or as I prefer to call it, Sakarlina.