Manny Diaz Has Turned Miami Football Into A WWE Program

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Manny Diaz turned into quite the college football heel this past month. Just a few weeks after taking the Temple head coaching position, Diaz pulled a Bill Belichick and took the Miami job after Mark Richt retired.

Now, the former Miami defensive coordinator, who brought the turnover chain into the college football world, has turned his cashed in on heel tendencies by turning Miami into a WWE program:

Absolutely LOVE one of the tackling dummies having 7-6 on it. I’m in on the Manny Diaz era. The more football guys in the college football world the better. Especially when they are young. Good to know football guys aren’t dying out.

P.s. Here is a ranking of the greatest college football players turned WWE stars (sorry if I forgot someone):

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin (North Texas)

2. The Rock (Miami)

3. Goldberg (Georgia)

4. Brock Lesnar (Vikings)

5. Roman Reigns (Georgia Tech)

6. Lex Luger (Miami/Penn State)

7. Stacy Keibler (Ravens cheerleader)

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