Kansas Track Athlete In Legal Trouble After Running In Shape Of Dick On Football Field During Snow Day, Goes To Reddit For Help

You just hate to see this. Feel bad for the guy. All he wanted to do was make a little dick joke and now he has to go to court.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 12.38.44 PM

I am not surprised this came courtesy of a track athlete. Track is one of those sports in college that seems a bit cultish. This may be a smaller college thing, but the only time I see track athletes are when they are with other track athletes. They never branch out. They are in the cafeteria together. Take classes together.I could go on and on. However, this behavior isn’t exclusive to the track team.  My cult rankings of college athletic teams are as follows:


2. Track

3. Softball (at least this one is a real sport)

Going on Reddit to talk out legal issues is a bold move. At least this guy gave us some entertainment along the way:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 12.48.55 PM

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“Drawing a penis”

“Come with me, sir”

Hopefully, this fella figures out his legal issues without losing too much money. Remember kids, don’t draw a penis in the snow. Unless you are a badass, of course.