Andrew Cuomo Plans To Legalize Sports Betting

BIG NEWS. Sports gambling is taking over the world and can open up so many opportunities. The only problem is that who knows how long it will take but just knowing he plans to legalize it is amazing. It is so sad that this tweet made me happier than pretty much anything. I don’t know if it will feel better losing money legally but fuck it, it is a beautiful sight.

I am just happy people are realizing how gambling isn’t a bad thing and we will pretty much be giving you a shit ton of money. Just for barstool we can do so much with it being legal in New York and thats why we have Dave to take us to the moon. Degenerates everywhere have been ready for this for years and are already planning on being at the sports book 5 days a week. There is nothing better then a bunch of gamblers together just screaming over big money. Thank you Cuomo, I couldn’t tell you anything about politics or what you have done but you did a great job with this.