Gladys Knight Will Sing The Super Bowl National Anthem - Time To Start Researching For Her O/U Prop Bet

Early this morning I saw that Gladys Knight will be singing the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl. This is one of my favorite things to do because obviously prop bets are the best thing during the game.

I have no idea who Gladys is but I feel like she has some electric cords. Two years ago I did way too much research on Lady Gaga and she only had one public appearance singing the national anthem, so I watched that shit for two straight weeks. Last year was bullshit because I did a bunch of research on Pink. She was a tough one because she changed it up from time to time and then screwed my research in the end. She decided to float rumors out there that she had flu like symptoms and that threw off my judgement.

I’ll be on my game this year because I feel like Gladys is a straight shooter. This is the most important bet of the night for several reasons. The biggest reason is that it sets the tone of your entire night. If you lose this one and then go on to lose the coin flip, you might as well not watch the game. Now it is time to go to work . Start with any song/performance she has ever done. Then start to dabble with any time she has done the national anthem and start taking notes. This is a job not a gimmick. It is my favorite time of the year so lets do this thing. Gladys don’t screw me on this.