Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

Had a hell of a night and went 4-1. Minnesota completely forgot how to play basketball and lost to the weirdest team in the country. Illinois is weirdly good sometimes and than they also look like they belong in division two. My YTD is now 22-22-1 which is just not acceptable. Winning streak continues throughout this week.


Fairfield @ Monmouth -2

“The money is in the crumbs” (Rico Bosco) I will be honest with you guys here, I do not know much about these teams but I bet on Fairfield this year and they absolutely fucked me. This is a grudge bet but Monmouth is on a three game winning and they come back home tonight to take on a struggling Fairfield team. The funniest part about this game is that both teams best players are averaging only 13 and 12 points. I couldn’t be more excited to watch this game.

Pick Monmouth -2 

Michigan St -2 @ Nebraska

Woah. Did a little research on this game and Nebraska hasn’t lost at home in their last 20. But wait a second, Michigan State hasn’t lost a big ten game dating back to last year. That is 18 games in a row but Michigan State has been so good to me this year I don’t know if I can go against them. Nebraska surprised me when they went into Indiana and beat the living shit out of them. This Nebraska team has some experience which is helping them this year but this Michigan State team is going to run the table this year. It will be a tough game but they will come out on top. Izzo will have them ready.

Pick Michigan State -2  


Tennessee Tech -1.5

Niagara +4.5 

Youngstown State +6.5 

Look it is a bad slate tonight. I have been focused on NCAA basketball because fuck the NBA. Ill make way into it soon because right now I would be picking blind. Besides the Bucks because I watch a weird amount of Bucks games. Mush To The Moon.