Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

YTD is now 29-31-1 and I had an okay day in football. College basketball I have been back and forth as I had 68 bets throughout the week. I may need a meeting but it is always the race to get out of the hole. These NBA day games have been rough already so that only means it is time to turn it around.


Marist -1 @ Manhattan

I believe that I will be the only one watching this game but the money is in the crumbs. Marist is a team where I have been watching them at 10am in Ireland this year. This is a frisky team at 6-11 but this Manhattan team is just pure garbage. The only stat you need to see here is that the Jaspers highest scorer is averaging 8.1 points per game. That is almost hard to do it’s like you don’t even feel like scoring throughout the game. Marist actually has a really good player names Brian Parker and I think Marist can win this playing with a man dow.

Marist -1

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina -4.5

This Virginia Tech got dismantled by Virginia and that surprised me. I think they are a really good team and match up really well with North Carolina. Carolina also got their shit kicked in at home against Louisville, it was embarrassing and you really hate to see that. The only reason they are favorite in this game is because of being home but Virginia Tech will be in this game till the final buzzer. There is too much hype around Carolinas freshman who I will not name because he is garbage and they are an overhyped team.

Pick Virginia Tech +4.5 


Grambling +4.5 

WVU -3

Mush ML RNR 7 

College basketball is always rough and I feel like everyone knows it. We will get through it and make sure this is a positive week. Mush To The Moon.