Duke Stays Undefeated

Look it might say that Dukes record is 16-2 but everyone knows those two losses don’t count. One of their losses was in fucking Hawaii, what college kids want to play basketball in Maui and not enjoy the scenery. The next “loss” was against Syracuse without two starters playing so why in the world would that count.

Everyone is just jealous of this team, I mean Jay-Z showed up to a Duke vs Pitt game. I have a little secret one of the most famous rappers isn’t showing up for Pitt.

Obviously RJ and Zion had 20+ each and embarrassed a shitty Pitt team. Did anyone really think Coach K would lose to a coach who he groomed over several years? I mean come on now, this is the best coach in the world. Nobody can compete with this team, they have a target on their backs everywhere they go and keep answering. I can only imagine when they get Tre back people are going to be complaining how good they are. I now know how Patriots fans feel where everyone is just jealous of how good you are. Just respect the recruiting skills of Coach K ad everyone just wants to play for a winner. Also shout out Marques Bolden for turning it around this year and being a key player to this team. Duke will always win and be the talk of the town, they will not choke this year to some bullshit team. Lets fucking go.