Recruit Commits To Stanford Because That's Where His Mom Told His Dad She Was Pregnant With Him


IT’S CROOOOOOTIN SZN. I’m not the biggest fan of knowing everything about 16-year-old boys (I’ll leave that to MSNBC & Huffington Post) so I follow recruiting from afar, although it is incredibly important from a program building perspective.

I do appreciate a good recruiting story, though:

SOURCE-There’s no shortage of reasons why Stanford is exactly where Joshua Karty wants to be.

“My family has a little bit of history with Stanford. My dad went to graduate school there and my mom met my dad at Stanford’s campus,” he said Monday. “My mom actually told my dad that she was pregnant with me inside of Stanford’s football stadium.”

I’m no statistical expert, but if you take all the pregnancy that the father learned of it in a college football stadium, zero of them ended up going to Stanford. Joshua Karty is breaking glass ceilings.

If any aspiring college football coaches are reading this, take this story as a lesson: the little things matter in recruiting. It doesn’t matter as much as dropping off a duffel bag full of cash via a booster, but it still matters.

Joshua Karty will be Stanford’s kicker of the future once the greatest kicker name in history graduates: