Marty Mush 12PM CBB Gambling Slate

I have to be honest with you. I am not giving a full slate right now because I am so deep in the hole that I have to take it game by game. When any degenerate is in this position they now they have to time out their bets to see if the account gets maxed out.

Georgia Tech @ Duke -23

As you know by now I take mostly every Duke game but they are covering machines. (Trying to forget about the Virginia game) At home they are obviously a different animal but there is only one reason this team goes off today. They are most likely getting Tre Jones back and he is going to lift this team to another level. Georgia Tech already got there one good win in the ACC against Notre Dame so they have no chance today, The only other reason they have no chance is that Coach K is wearing off white Nike shoes. That is the shit we need to know, Duke by 40.

Pick Duke -23

Florida @ TCU -4

Florida is my dark horse this year even though they have screwed me as of late. They are a tough team to figure out but I love KeVaughn Allen. I feel like he has be there for years but he is a hell of a player that will have a huge impact today. TCU just had a great win at home against Texas but they didn’t impress me during it. They are a very beatable team so if you are feeling frisky, hit the ML on FLorida.

Pick Florida +4 


Ohio State +7 This team is on one of the worst skids in the NCAA. This is a integrity game for them so they have to step up.

Lets have a Saturday. Mush To The Moon.