Good Luck To Clemson Frat Stars Playing The Intramural Basketball Team Of Clemson Football Players (Who Won 1st Game 74-14)


Intramural sports is one of the best parts of the college experience. Whether it’s football, basketball, or softball, I always had fun “competing” in intramural sports. My favorite is softball, but every year the club baseball team (hang up the cleats, fellas) would play and beat everyone. They were beatable (took them to extras two years ago), but I’d argue anybody competing in college sports shouldn’t be allowed on the intramural field. It’s disrespectful to the game. That brings us to what’s going on in Clemson right now:

Holy god, imagine being a Delta Chi frat star and showing up to face these guys:


Just based off high school recruiting rankings you’d be going up against

Tee Higgins: 5-star

Travis Etienne (2019 Heisman contender): 4-star

Justyn Ross: 4-star

Diondre Overton: 4-star

Jaelyn Lay: 4-star

Jordan Williams: 4-star

Nyles Pinckney: 4-star

Cornell Powell: 4-star

Isaiah Simmons: 3-star

Rahshaun Smith: 4-star

And you trot out a team with….a guy who could’ve played basketball at a D3 school that is coached by a guy his Dad knows. I mean look at Justyn Ross:

Tee Higgins:

Look at what he did last night:

That’s just not fair. A heavyweight vs. a flyweight.

Give those guys the free t-shirt now.