Police Shocked By Vulgar Message On Their Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuit

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A Bojangles Bo-Berry biscuit has taken a North Carolina town by storm.

A Jones County Sheriff’s deputy was “at a loss” when he saw what was written on his Bojangles’ Bo-Berry Biscuit.

Deputy Daniel Pridgen said he grabbed a bite to eat in uniform at a Bojangles’ in Richlands, according to WCTI.

Oh no, all Daniel Pridgen wanted was a Bo-Berry Biscuit and THIS is what he got:


No respect! No honor!

Deputy Daniel Pridgen took to Facebook to explain what had occurred:


Absolutely love the Deputy hashtagging #Bojangles and #itsbotime. Rounded off the post perfectly.

“I appreciate it, unfortunately, I didn’t notice until I got home to eat.” You know Deputy Pridgen still ate that Bo-Berry Biscuit. Why? Because Bojangles is very good. For a while, it was CHick-fil-A that was the souths best secret. Now it’s Bojangles and Cook Out. Just ask Cam Newton: