Kyler Murray's Interview With Dan Patrick Was Not Awkward At All. Totally Normal. Definitely Won't Make You Cringe.

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Everybody who is anybody related to the NFL is in Atlanta right now. That includes NFL/MLB star Kyler Murray. For the past few days, while promoting Gatorade, the former Heisman winner is asked the same question: so what sport are you going to play, Mr. Murray? Today, on the Dan Patrick show, things got weird:

From the start this was weird. Dan Patrick, a pro’s pro, handled this amazing. I’m not sure what Kyler Murray was expecting. Does he not have a PR team? Before going to Atlanta he should’ve been grilled on how to respond to these three questions:

-“Are you going to the NFL combine/Oklahoma pro day?”

-“What sport are you going to play next year?”

-“Will you report for the Oakland A’s for Spring Training?”

Instead, we were left with Dan Patrick calling on Murray’s Dad to answer for him while Kyler sat there likek this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.17.24 PM

More and more it seems like Kyler is using his football prowesses to leverage the A’s into giving him more money.

What should Kyler do? First, get a good PR agency to represent you. Two, whatever the hell he wants.