Gladys Knight Refuses To Cooperate With Gamblers

Listen, I did a lot of research on her and I don’t want to get shit on if she is getting a cold. It was a disaster when Pink had the flu and now we have Gladys rejecting us. I am starting to get a little scared as I just checked the line and the over is now at -400. She has to drag this out, she has gotten a lot of flack about singing the Anthem and she was born in Atlanta. Do you think she is going to hurry it up and get out of there? Fuck no, she wants to tear that shit to the ground and take her time. I have listened to her songs all week, her anthem in 1991 only audio version…I am ready for this shit. No days off when it comes to the Super Bowl, this can make or break your week in the matter of seconds. Glady, I know you are reading this so do me a favor and belt it out. You deserve it and we deserve to see you on that stage for over 3 minutes.