Marty Mush Super Bowl Gambling Slate

Today is the day. Everyone is excited for the game but this is work, there are so many aspects to this game where you can bet so buckle up.

Rams Vs Patriots -2.5

Obviously everyone obsesses over the prop bets but we have a great game here. The best quarterback to ever play against a young QB who is playing out of his mind. This bet is only based on history and just the way it always goes. Brady and the Patriots are playing with a purpose and that is scary as shit. Dave has said it a bunch and I agree that the game will be close so fuck the spread. No reason to have heart break and have them win by two points.

Patriots ML -140

Prop Bets 

National Anthem O/U 108.5

This is so fucked up because I love the over after all my research. The line is at -415 which it barely makes sense to bet it but I obviously am still going to. Like I have said, she is from Atlanta and will drag this out.

OVER 108.5 

Coin Toss – HEADS

Gronk Over 3.5 catches

Clear Gatorade

There will be a FG in the 1st quarter

Bradys first play will be complete -250

I need to stop myself but I know I will be taking so much more. Stay calm if you are watching around family like I will be. My mom has already told me to try and not curse with all the family around and that will be a tough task. If Gladys fucks us and hurrys up, Aunt Carol will be getting scared as I yell at the tv. Good Luck I love you all.