I Will Riot If Vegas Says The National Anthem Went Under

Are you fucking kidding me. I am prepared to go to Vegas if my Over bet on the National Anthem is rebuked because Gladdy said the word Brave twice. This is America and we should be happy that she wanted to keep singing this beautiful anthem. You shouldn’t be punished for someone extending the best song in the world. Its not my fault she added her own verse and helped us all out. You cannot change the rules: the clock starts when she starts singing and ends when her mouth closes. She was flying through it and wanted to make sure everyone heard those pipes to end it off. Thats the beauty of gambling; crazy shit happens and people suffer or gain from this shit.

You can hold me to this, if they take my -415 bet and make it a loser I will go to Vegas to protest. I will blast the National Anthem 24/7 until they reimburse me. I will be the most patriotic person in the world. Can you imaging hearing my voice all day? I don’t think anyone in the world will be able to handle that and my point will be proven. My next stop after collecting my winnings will be to Gladys Knight to thank her for doing what she did. She is for the people. Do people realize you can’t just tell someone they win and then proceed to say “nah, I’m going to need that back.” Fuck Vegas and I am keeping my money.