Southern Miss Interviewing Notorious Scumbag Art Briles For Offensive Coordinator Job

There are two things in this world that are impossible to get out of: the Mafia and being a football coach.

SOURCE-Southern Miss may be on the verge of giving Art Briles his.

The former Baylor football head coach is on the Hattiesburg campus to interview for USM’s vacant offensive coordinator position, a source has confirmed to the Sun Herald.

Art Briles did everything in his power to be banned from the football world forever. All signs point to him participating in the covering up of numerous crimes by Baylor football players, including sexual assault. That should’ve ended his career in football forever, right? Nope. If you know how to draw up a play that increases the chance of a victory, stuff like covering up rape isn’t that big of a deal.

I’m almost starting to think football coaches are being made similar to how the Mafia does it. There is some dimly lit basement in the south where a commission of football guys cut the finger of young football coaches as a photo of Vince Lombardi burns in their hand. After the picture is gone and the Al Pacino “inch by inch” speech is said, their allegiance as a made #FootballGuy is pledged. Forever.

“Once you enter this family, there is no getting out.”