Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

So I finally can go back to my sad gambling life after RNR is done. The slate is absolutely horrible tonight as well. I will be honest about my YTD here, I tried doing the numbers and I ended up at 43-47-1 from the blog so we are going with that.


Louisville @ Virginia Tech -4.5

The Virginia Tech game on Saturday was one of the most stunning games I ever seen. They kept NC State to 24 points even though they just couldn’t hit anything. Louisville was on a heater for awhile but got beat at home by North Carolina. I am very confused by this team but I think they match up perfectly. Also Justin Robinson should be out for this game which helps tremendously. They need a bounce back game here to get back on track. It is going to be a back and forth game and come down to the wire. The ACC is always a battle so should be a good game.

Pick Louisville +4.5

Iowa State -2.5 @ Oklahoma

I have been a hater on Iowa State all year and they keep proving me wrong. This spread screams take Oklahoma because it just doesn’t make sense. OK is coming off a loss against WVU who has been struggling as well but I think Iowa State is just so much better. I am not going to fall into this trap, I am taking the better team here. Not thinking about it at all.

Pick Iowa State -2.5 


Rockets -9

Lets get on a heater here. I have had 3 brutal weeks in a row so it is my time.