I Am Going To Oklahoma To Riot And Get Justice For Everyone

This isn’t a joke. I was video taping the end of this game as I always do if it is close to the spread and I stopped recording because this moron shot it 9 seconds after the buzzer.

I then said this is a joke there is no way nobody is going to look at this. Look how far after the buzzer he shoots it.

The NCAA can not get away with this. If the game was tied they would have looked at it and Iowa State would have won by 3. Play the fucking game right and review it, have some integrity for the game of basketball. I am going to bring this to the top and get this changed. This is a disgrace to the community and just the game of basketball. The refs should be embarrassed and should never show up for work again. THis isn’t fucking funny, lives are on the line and you are playing with real lives. I am appalled that this is happening in 2019. We have 700 cameras and 800 reviews a game but no lets just leave this one alone. Fuck this shit.