I Called The Big 12 Associate Commissioner To Get A Bad Beat Reversed

I am a man of the people and I couldn’t sleep last night as we all got screwed over. I couldn’t just sit here and let the NCAA walk all over gamblers everywhere. I have been calling all day to get in contact with somebody from the Big 12 and I finally got a call back from Jeff Jackson the Associate Commissioner – Men’s Basketball & Game Management. He was not to thrilled with the message I left him and demanded to know who I was. When I said Marty Mush I can’t believe he didn’t hang up on me.

As you know there was a bullshit call last night and I had Jeff explain the boring rules to me. He caught me off guard as I was going to go in the podcast room and record him as well but it happened to fast. His explanation was, since the bucket didn’t effect the outcome of the game, the refs do not need to review the the scoring play. First of all if you don’t officiate every game like it is the National Championship there will be slip ups. How do you expect to get better if you just let a shot go after the buzzer which is against the rules. We need to be better as an association and as gambling becomes legal, this will be a big issue. Lives are on the line so we need to clean it up. Thanks to Jeff Jackson for shitting on my parade and not having a chance to reverse the call.