Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

YTD is 44-49-1 as last night was just a shitty night. The Iowa State bet is in the rearview mirror and we move forward. There are a lot of good games tonight and I talked it out, I need to make bigger bets on less games. Stop betting a shit ton of games and coming out a loser.


Michigan State -10.5 @ Illinois

Everyone and their mother will be on this game but I feel like ill be missing out. Michigan State is coming off a tough loss against Purdue. This team is fucking good, they were down 30 in the second half against Purdue and they finally strung it together and looked unstoppable. There is no chance they play to Illinois level tonight. Also Illinois is coming off a sick win against Maryland so I think the high will end tonight.

Pick Michigan State -10.5

Kansas @ Kansas State -3

This will be the last time I bet on Kansas if they lose because they have fucked me time and time again. THe last tie I had them against Kentucky and they just didn’t feel like playing at the end of the game. The crowd is going be a factor and I am scared shitless of this K state team. Their defense is a terror but it will be bloodbath.

Pick Kansas +3 


Duke -24.5 

These need to hit after the shit I went through last night. I am going to try and stick to just these three games but we will see how long that lasts.