The Big East Is Next To Be Investigated After Another Disgusting Beat

Look Big Cat is right, there is no reason Nova had the right to cover this game but it still really fucking sucks. The NCAA is doing this on purpose and they don’t care about us gamblers. The Gambling gods were on my side and I went to put this bet in and it rejected me by saying the game already started.

How does this happen three nights in a row though? The rules need to be changed and the refs have to look at this. It is cleary shot way after the buzzer, have some integrity and tell everyone no basket. What is this little league where we give everyone a trophy and let this asswipe pad his stats for no good reason. We need a voice for the common man gamblers getting fucked every single night and I am here for it. Hey NCAA sack up and come out with a statement on why these baskets are counting because my phone bill is racking up because of how many calls I have had to make. This is a issue nation wide and i am not standing for it. You will hear our voices don’t you worry.