Dave Assman Denied "Assman" Liscence Plate By No Fun Canada


Everybody meet David Assman:


Assman is a proud Canadian who isn’t ashamed of his last name.

SOURCE-“It’s my last name, I’ve always had it,” he said, of the name with German roots, that he pronounces as “Oss-men.”

“I’m not ashamed of it. There’s nothing bad about it.”

So much so that he wanted to put his last name on his license plate. Makes sense. Other folks have their last name on their license plate, so why can’t Assman?

SOURCE-Canadian license plate review committee has rejected a man’s request to personalize his license plate with his real name: “Assman,” because it could be misread and cause offense, according to a report.

Dave Assman, who lives in the Canadian province Saskatchewan, said he’s had his request denied before and doubts whether it’ll ever be granted.

God. Damn. SOCIALISTS. It may be time to ask, does Canada hate guys who like butts?

Gotta say, I don’t care that much about Assman’s issue. The only reason I blogged this is because it’s related to Seinfeld. If there is a story that is going through the news wire related to Seinfeld, I’m looking to blog it.

Assman is one of my favorite Kramer episodes.


What a show. What a damn show.