The NCAA Acknowledging Gambling Is A Beautiful Thing

What a day to be a gambler. The NCAA is looking at us gamblers and saying they are sorry. They realize that we are a big part of their audience and that we will be relentless if they keep fucking with us. This needed to happen because they review every single call in the last two minutes anyway, the last seconds should be reviewed as well. Point differential can help a team during the regular season so this needed to happen just for the integrity of the game.

The only thing obvious about this was that people are scared to come after the NCAA. Not me, the amount of money they have lost me over the years isn’t funny. This will all be worth it in the end where the gamblers have a say. We will still lose all of our money so just give us this. Just letting everyone know that I will not stop the good fight. We will not be pushed around by the money sucking NCAA. I don’t need any thanks, I just need an even playing field if I am doing it every single day.

Don’t give any credit to this rat Roger Ayers that it is his rule. Keep his name out of everything and make it the Marty Mush Rule. This is a movement that is going full speed and I don’t plan on stopping it. To The Moon.