Marty Mush Friday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 50-53-1 and tonight is the worst slate I have ever seen. It is basically the Ivy league just playing and I am really trying to stay away from the NBA.


Saint Louis -2.5 @ Saint Joseph’s

This is a good St. Louis team with some good wins this year. Just coming off a good win against Dayton and they really surprised me with an early win this year at Seton Hall. D.J Foreman will play a big part tonight and again only reason I am betting this game is because I have problem with St. Joes. I watched them early in the year in Myrtle Beach and they absolutely killed teams. That led me to believe they were going to be fantastic and then they fell off real fast. Lost me some money early so fuck em.

Pick Saint Louis -2.5

Niagara @ Marist -3

This is so sad but the only reason I am taking this is because of a early games in Ireland. The Red Foxes need to be talked about because at home they will not be stopped. This is a low point in my life that I am talking about Niagara and Marist. I will be 1 of 9 people watching this and the Red Foxes won’t disappoint.

Pick Marist -3 

If you have any restraint, take the night off. It will be a long night for me but it will get me ready for tomorrow. To The Moon.