AAF Player, Who Was Arrested During Prostitution Sting On Thursday, Will Miss Sunday's Game With A "Groin Injury"


Yesterday, I blogged about the AAF player who was arrested during a prostitution sting:

Okoye seemed to be just enjoying a night out when arrested, instead of being involved in funding/controlling the prostitution ring. Being married, he will probably have bigger issues at home than legally. The big question for me was would the AAF embrace a bad boy reputation and allow Okoye to play. Turns out Okoye won’t be able to due to an injury:

“Hey coach, not only did I get arrested, but I also hurt my “groin” while I was with the prostitute.”

I said this in my blog yesterday and I’ll say it again: the AAF should embrace this. They are on the record for wanting to be an offensive league. That’s great. Be the offensive league that also has players that hurt their groin with a prostitute prior to his arrest. You need to increase viewership? That’s how you do it.

Best of luck to Okoye. I hope he recovers and can play to full ability. Good luck to recovering his rocket of a wife as well:




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