Professor Won't Accept Family Deaths As Excused Absences And Advises Students To Drop Class If You Think Relative Will Die During Semester


Syllabus week is always a great week in college. You pretty much don’t need to go to class. There are parties all week long. It’s great. Although, receiving a tough syllabus can ruin the week. I always feared the “no technology in class” section. One thing I’ve never seen throughout my 20+ syllabus’ I’ve never seen a section about family deaths:

SOURCE-A Howard University college professor has stirred up some very strong feelings about her controversial missed assignment policy.

Professors tend to have varying degrees of flexibility when it comes to missed classes and late assignments, but most are willing to work with students at least in extreme circumstances.

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Outside of the obvious absurdity of not understanding that you can’t make an exam because of a death in your family, hammering the point home with “please don’t bring me death certificates” is certified sociopathic behavior. Even if all of your family is 100% healthy, I think you’ve just gotta drop this class. No need to subject yourself to a professor like that.

It seems this is a philosophy class. I guess the professor doesn’t believe in the philosophy of mourning the death of your loved ones? Maybe he/she has just been Costanza’d so many times that he doesn’t believe any of his students anymore: