Showtimes New Gambling Documentary Looks Awesome

This documentary is what I live for. Watch this video and every single one of these people look like your typical degenerates and they are all my type of people. It is sad to say but it looks like all of my friends on a Saturday watching college basketball all day. A degenerate gambler has a stereo type and they all fit it to a perfection. You just see chains everywhere, people cheering after a big win, scalawags (I refuse to look up if this the right word for these hats). You also see depressed faces that know how fucked they are and have to explain to their family that they have to sell the house.  They need to have the lowest of the lows because people enjoy other peoples misery. Believe me, anytime I lose people enjoy the shit out of it. These 30 seconds sums up my entire life and I can only imagine how much better this will get in four episodes. The highs and lows are going to be tough to handle and I could imagine it will bring back some bad memories.

This will show the public how this gambling thing is a 24/7 job where it is on your mind no matter what is going on. There is something you can bet every single day and the grind doesn’t stop. I am a little upset I wasn’t asked for a cameo because just a little segment on selling my shoes to pay the bookie could have been all time. With gambling becoming legal, the stories of lifelong degenerates are going to be all time in the doc and I can’t wait.