How Much Higher Is Kyler Murray's Earning Potential In The NFL? We Are Talking 9 Figures....

Kyler is going to the NFL. The A’s are begging him to come home, but we all know that Kyler upgraded from a 7 to a 10 and their plea isn’t going to work.

It’s kind of weird how it was assumed that Murray was going to go and play baseball. The former Mr. Football in Texas had been a bigger fan of football than baseball for his entire life. He ended up winning a Heisman at Oklahoma after playing for only 1 year. Of course, the kid is going to stick with football. Would he rather play a sport where he wouldn’t see another contract for another decade (if he’s lucky)? Don’t think Murray doesn’t see two generational stars (Machado & Harper) not being able to find a home in free agency. Look at the difference according to our (kind of) friend, Darren Rovell:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.54.54 PM

SOURCE-We modeled out his first 10 years as a pro, assuming he would be a great baseball player and a great football player and estimated that Murray would make $150 million more in his first decade as a football player.

Kyler wouldn’t see an MLB contract until 2026 or so if he turned out to be a great top 10 pick. Up until that point, he’d make around 7.3 million (that number includes his signing bonus). If Kyler is drafted in the first round, his signing bonus will be more than that. If he is drafted in the first half of the first round, his signing bonus will be almost 2x that. We aren’t even factoring in endorsement deals.

Yes, football is more dangerous than baseball, but even though you laugh at a funny CTE joke on Twitter a few times a month (you should really do some research), the game of football has never been safer, especially for a QB. As Kayce said yesterday, a great decision by Kyler.