Marty Sharp Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

YTD is now 54-56-1 and last night was a night to remember. When Duke was down 17 with fourteen minutes left, I just knew they are were going to win. The ml came out at +580 and I hammered the shit out of it. I keep winning but this morning I lost a sock and had no hot water in my shower. I won’t let that slow me down.


Duquesne @ La Salle -1.5

We all know Rico Bosco finds money in the crumbs but there is something up with this game. I may have not done enough research and may be missing something but La Salle has 7 wins compared to Duquesne 16 and I feel like I am being bamboozled.

Pick Duquesne ML

Clemson -3 @ Miami

I watched Miami die on Saturday. They were playing UNC and all hyped up as they were on a way to a win but they ended up blowing a big lead and losing in overtime. They are dead now and don’t want to play. Clemson is a very good team and have given teams a run for there money in the ACC all year. This seems so easy to me but when you are hot you nee to keep the foot on the gas. I won’t stop until I have all of the money.

Pick Clemson -3 


NC State -3 

To The Moon.