Congrats To Poop Johnson On Signing With The CFL's Toronto Argonauts


Waiting for Manny Machado and Bryce Harper to sign? Couldn’t be me. The guy I’ve been waiting to sign for all this time? Poop Johnson:

Big pickup for the Argos! Rumor has it that Poop is a guy you can dump a lot of your responsibility on. If he plays well enough, maybe Poop will end up on the Browns for the 2020 season. If it doesn’t work out they can then just dump his salary.

Surprisingly, Poop Johnson isn’t his birth name. His actual name is Cory Johnson. Why does he go by Poop? Well……

Imagine pooping 5 times a day……I’d say pooping twice in a day is a lot, but 5 times? Craziness.