Marty Mush Late Night Gambling Slate

I started off the morning games with two blow out losses and I thought I was screwed for the day. I have been pretty hot this week so that continued during the 2pm games. Florida couldn’t be easier and I needed it as my new best friend Enzo former WWE wrestler gave me coin to bet on that game. Lets get into my two favorite bets of the night. I already have Iowa and Duke at the moment so hopefully those hit and I can go wild with these two.


Tennessee @ Kentucky -3.5

I had someone tell me that Tennessee was getting a lack of respect. They are the number one team in the country how much more respect do you want. I won’t lie I have not believed in Tennessee the entire year and they have been proving me wrong night in and night out. My argument is that they haven’t really been tested on the road and the one time they were they lost to Kansas. Kentucky has been having a wild year, gettng blown out my Duke then losing to Seton hall. It all looked down hill and now they are beating everybody by double digits. I think they continue playing well and bring Tennessee back to earth.

Pick Kentucky -3.5 


3 Point Contest

Steph Curry +170

Damien Lilliard +1000

Listen, Steph at +170 you just have to take it and Lilliard can shoot the lights out as well. Both of these gys have great value and hitting on +1000 can turn your night into a legendary one. Mush to the moon and take these because I am hot as shit.