We Deserve An Apology From The NCAA For No Day Games Today

It is presidents day and most people have off of work. There was about 9 total people on my train this morning, everyone is enjoying a nice day off so give the people what they want. Just a couple of mid major basketball games to get the juices flowing early. This is the most important day of the week as you know because this will determine if you are about to have a devastating gambling week or you are about to be hot. It also just gets the mind right for the big games during the night slate especially if you kill it on teams you have no idea about.

It doesn’t make any sense why smaller schools don’t take advantage of day games. There are so many degenerates in their cubes or just at home that will watch a Eastern Michigan vs Marist game and your ratings will be pretty good. If you put that up against Virginia @ Virginia Tech tonight you will have about 17 viewers. Not much goes on in this brain but as a speaker of the degenerates, everyone will watch a 11am and 1pm game without a doubt. I have been trying to get a rule in place where there has to be one day game every single day of the week but I guess I understand they do have to go to class sometimes.

This helps everyone involved if you are putting on games all day. Do it for the people, NCAA I am already on your ass so just throw us a bone and let us lose money early in the day.