My Bird Gave Itself CTE Tonight

We are trying out a new thing on Twitch where I stream watching my college basketball games and I lost all three of my games. My bird stole the show and I have not seen him fly since I got him when I was 5. This bastard took off like I have never seen before.

I was genuinely surprised when he took off and when he flew into my door..I was worried. I havent been to the pet store in a little while where they usually cut his wing but this guy is ready to fly away. He has seen enough misery every single night of me losing and tonight he decided to say fuck it and bash into the wall.

Watching it back now, it is just an outrageous scene. I mean I do this every night so putting a camera on it and catching all of it is just another night in the mush house. All this gambling content is making me lose a lot of money but this video deserves an award.